What sets your soul on fire

One of the key questions I grappled with as I moved into the next phase of my journey was purpose: why am I here? Why do I do what I do?

#ParkingWars and A Tale of Two Races: My week in pictures and video.

Parking in Vancouver is the pits. You roll up on a street, hoping you can find a spot, only to have to circle the block and settle for a spot that's *relatively* close to your destination. Thankfully, I have commercial plates on my news truck and--believe me--sometimes it really gets me out of a jam... ...and… Continue reading #ParkingWars and A Tale of Two Races: My week in pictures and video.

A reporter’s love/hate relationship with fast food.

It has been a while since I've been on here blogging! Didn't realize how demanding this latest move was going to be: finding an apartment, packing, unpacking, buying new furniture, replacing the items the movers damaged/lost. I've moved so many times, I felt like this wouldn't be any different. In many ways it wasn't, but… Continue reading A reporter’s love/hate relationship with fast food.

Conversations about Race at Sunday Brunch

My mother is my biggest fan. No matter what city I've found myself working in, she has always made sure to call the cable company and order the channel or she's tuned in online. My sisters call her 'The Alpha Fan' ... though, the more I travel and report, I'm beginning to realize Mom isn't the only… Continue reading Conversations about Race at Sunday Brunch

Off-Air Adventure: St. Jacobs

    Last weekend, I decided to head to the Village of St. Jacobs to check it out. After passing through 4 cities in 4 years, I've learned the only way to get to know the market is to get out and explore the market. I grew up in Ontario--spent the first 26 years of my life here--and… Continue reading Off-Air Adventure: St. Jacobs