The ups and downs of cross-country moving

I've always been curious: always wanting to know whatever it is I don't know, see what I haven't yet seen, do what I haven't yet done. It's part of the reason why I chose the career path I have. That said, I never anticipated that desire for adventure, insatiable curiosity and love of news would… Continue reading The ups and downs of cross-country moving

“Reporting LIVE, from the top of this box…”

I still remember one of my first live hits in Newfoundland--a story about Kathy Dunderdale not too long before she became Premier--and nervously going over my script, while my camera man shuffled around me. Everything was in place--the monitor behind me, the lights, my mic was on--but there was just one problem: I was too… Continue reading “Reporting LIVE, from the top of this box…”