My other full-time job

My sisters will *never* leave Toronto--much like Oprah, this is one thing I know for sure. They, like so many other Torontonians see no need to leave the big smoke...and I've given up trying to change their minds. Up until 2010, the three of us (+ Mom) all shared the same home. My sisters (one … Continue reading My other full-time job

Re-discovering Ontario

Growing up in Toronto/GTA is like existing in a bubble: everything you need is here, so why bother looking anywhere else? Having grown up in this world, I'm all too familiar with the downsides of 'bubble-living' and the narrow-minded city dwellers that kind of lifestyle produces. Its a big part of the reason why I … Continue reading Re-discovering Ontario

Off-Air Adventure: St. Jacobs

    Last weekend, I decided to head to the Village of St. Jacobs to check it out. After passing through 4 cities in 4 years, I've learned the only way to get to know the market is to get out and explore the market. I grew up in Ontario--spent the first 26 years of my life here--and … Continue reading Off-Air Adventure: St. Jacobs